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Served in pitta bread with your choice of salad and sauce. Upgrade to a fresh naan bread for an extra £1.25

Donner Kebab

Seasoned Minced Lamb craved off an upright spit.

Medium Donner Kebab


Large Donner Kebab


Chicken Kebab

Marinated cubes of Chicken Breast grilled on a skewer over charcoal fat free.

Medium Chicken Kebab


Large Chicken Kebab


Shish Kebab

Marinated cubes of Leg of Lamb grilled on a skewer over charcoal.

Medium Shish Kebab


Large Shish Kebab


Kofte Kebab

Minced Lamb specially prepared with a variety of Herbs, skewered & cooked over a charcoal grill.

Medium Kofte Kebab


Large Kofte Kebab


Mixed Kebab

Donner, Chicken & Kofte served with extra Pitta

Flames Special Kebab

Chicken, Donner, Shish & Kofte in Garlic Bread with Fried Onion, Green Pepper & Mushroom

Donner Meat & Chips


Chicken Meat & Chips


Doner Meat, Chips & Cheese